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- 2017 -

Spectrum Coexistence of LEO and GSO Networks: Design Criteria for LEO Inter-Satellite Links
SLIHS - Simposio Latinoamericano de Infraestructura, Hardware y Software, CLEI, JAIIO, Cordoba, Sep 2017


As small satellites become more capable through miniaturized electronics and on-board processing, constellations of low-cost satellites lunched in Low- Earth Orbit (LEO) become feasible. The increase in the number of LEO satellites drives the need for frequency coexistence between the LEO constellation systems with the already existing geostationary (GSO) satellite networks. In this context, it is crucial to design the communication links paying special attention to interference analysis. This is particularly true when the LEO satellite constellation exploit inter-satellite communication links (ISL). In this paper, a radio frequency interference analysis based on simulation of the dynamic satellite constellation is presented and the design parameters of the inter-satellite links are analyzed. The results suggest that carefully choosing the design parameters of the inter-satellite links, spectrum coexistence of LEO and GSO networks may be possible.

Autores / Author/s
Horacio Mendoza
Graciela Corral Briones
Juan Martin Ayarde
Guillermo Riva

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